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Buying of advanced technology for production of technological parts


Zvolenská cesta 14, 974 03 Banská Bystrica, Slovak republic

Továrenská 504, 976 31 Vlkanová, Slovak republic



Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency

Competitive ability and economical growth



1 514 265,00€


 Brief project description::

Project is continuation of applicant activity in the field of innovative approaches with aim to secure production of exact products made by powder metallurgy, which belongs to new and developing production processes. Powder metallurgy allows replacement of classical production of exact parts from special materials.

In regard to fact the applicant constantly secures development of new products and production process in its own development department, he is constantly under pressure. On one hand it is a pressure to invest to new developed technologies, similarly as the whole business sector. He is situated in under-capitalized environment, which is marked by financial crises of markets and lack of liquidity. From mentioned reasons, the need to secure next development and maintain on market position in technological demanding segment of powder metallurgy exist. Help in innovation of technology is necessary. Without it, it is not possible to realize project in full amount.

By providing of help would be possible to achieve instant effects, which are showed in measurable values, as well as in long-time sustainability, showed in indicator impacts.

Project target:

Increasing of competitiveness by installation innovative technology allows to increase quality and employment (rate) of young people, e.g.:

- Innovation of production technologies with focus on competitiveness increase,

- Creation of new job positions related to installation of production technologies.

Results of realized projects: 

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