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About us

GEVORKYAN is a family company, established in 1996 on a "green field" in Banská Bystrica. The founder and current majority owner is a military aeronautical engineer, Dipl. Ing. Artur Gevorkyan, originally from Armenia. Artur draws on the 50 years of experience of two generations of the Gevorkyan family in the field of powder metallurgy. The company's goal is summed up in its motto, which is "Your flexibility with our solutions". In the words of Artur Gevorkyan, "The world does not know ready-made solutions, but we must always seek them out. GEVORKYAN therefore does not sell its products, but rather solutions for its customers.


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Today GEVORKYAN is a leader in powder metallurgy in Europe, but it is also one of the most innovative companies in this sector worldwide. It is a member of the European (EPMA) and International (AMPI) powder metallurgy associations. It has a state-of-the-art laboratory and R&D development centre. In recent years, it has successfully undergone several customer audits and has become a global supplier to large multinational companies that operate their plants around the world.

For more than 25 years, GEVORKYAN has been successfully meeting the expectations of its customers by utilizing its many years of experience in the field. It is a development supplier for most of its customers. The development department employs 17 engineers who develop more than 150 new products per year. It collaborates with the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the University of Cambridge. It is working on the development of new materials with a research institute in Sweden and Canada. Thanks to strong development, it is expanding its customer portfolio by approximately 10 new customers per year.

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The company is a member of the European and American powder metallurgy associations - European Powder Metallurgy Association and APMI International. It is a holder of STN EN ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005 - Environment, ISO/TS 16949:2009 - Au, ISO 13485:2016 - Medicine. ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety and holds a certificate from the Register of Solvent Companies for 2014 and 2015.

Three Generations

Three generations of the Gevorkyan family in the world of powder metallurgy.

Company Milestones

Significant milestones in the life of our company.


Recognition of our efforts to be an exceptional company.


Partnered companies.


CREMER Thermoprozessanlagen

Gevorkyan helps

GEVORKYAN is a family company that is aware of its social responsibility, and is therefore glad to be able to help charitable entities or partners in the region: 


Svetielko Nádeje

Civic association aimed at improving and improving the quality of life of children and adolescents with oncological or other serious diseases and their families


Vlkanová Village

Vlkanová Village


Vlkanová Village

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