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Creating world-class technologies

For 25 years we have been pushing the boundaries of powder metallurgy, producing unique parts and developing forward-looking technologies.

More than 5 million parts per month

Satisfied clients in more than 30 countries

More than 150 new products per year

145 employees, 10% in the R&D department

O nás
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Exceptionality and stability

GEVORKYAN symbolizes a unique and exceptional success story built on a greenfield site in a strategic location in the heart of Europe.


We are the European leader in powder metallurgy and one of the most innovative companies in this sector worldwide. Under one roof, we combine state-of-the-art technologies, develop more than 150 brand new products per year and produce more than 5 million parts per month.


We have a superbly equipped laboratory and own a modern tool room with three-shift operation. We are a global and reliable supplier to large multinational companies that operate their plants all over the world.


Our Technologies




Sintering-classical powder metallurgy is the production of metal products from powders by pressing and subsequent high-temperature sintering in furnaces.

Hot isostatic


Hot isostatic pressing is the process of compacting powders or castings and sintered parts in a furnace at a high pressure and temperature.

Metal powder injection moulding


This technology is based on three basic processes: selecting the right combination of metal powders and polymers, injecting the material into the mould and sintering in special furnaces.

Additive manufacturing


Additive manufacturing is the deposition of fine layers of metal powders on a 3D printer followed by sintering.

Nowhere else in the world can you

find all 4 technologies in one place.

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naše tech
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Work with us

We behave like a family.

We fight like an army.

Employees are the key to our success. It is for this reason that we keep this key in a good and safe place. We are aware that the success of the company is based on people, their abilities and skills.

Work with us


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Our clients

Our components are supplied and used in a wide range of segments, from the automotive and petroleum industries, to compressors, garden and agricultural machinery, locks and protection systems, air-conditioning, sewing machines, measuring technology, to medicine, cosmetics, the fashion industry and more.

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