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Impact on the Environment

Health and safety at work, together with the environment, are among GEVORKYAN's most important values Respect for the environment and the will to continue this development are demonstrated by the fact that GEVORKYAN employs highly qualified professionals responsible for health, safety at work and the environment.


More than 90% of waste is recycled or reused, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Experts are constantly working to make the use of natural resources more efficient. An example of this is the installation of a waste emulsion purifier that allows the purified emulsion to be fed back into the production process. Another project planned for the upcoming period is the installation of heat recuperators in order to use the waste heat from the compressor station to heat the domestic water as well as the heating of the office space.


Environmentally friendly technologies 2021

Implementation of a nitrogen generator project in 2021 will enable greater flexibility of nitrogen production at the point of consumption. The advantage is independence from the unstable supply and rising prices of traditional suppliers. Low operating costs and no delivery and handling charges will allow a quick return on investment. The generator complies with the highest safety standards through simple operation and fully automatic production.


Saving natural resources

GEVORKYAN's technologies are virtually waste-free and recyclable. The entire production process is energy-efficient, low-emission and saves raw materials. We use electricity generated from renewable sources to help reduce CO2 emissions. A photovoltaic power plant project is planned for 2022.

Quality and the environment

Company's Quality and Environment Policy for review. 🇸🇰

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